Anybody who’s lived in Las Vegas for the last 10 years should know the name Rane Rose. Not  only because it’s a catchy name, but also because there’s so much more to it than just a name. Rane  Rose is becoming a household name because of the various business ventures that Rane Rose herself  has established. On the business side, she is known to be a “mediaprenuer” —a term that she defined in  this interview (see below). She is also a Corporate Executive. On the creative side, Rane is considered a  Classical Crossover singer/recording artist, fashion influencer and writer.  

Because Rane Rose is a personal friend of mine, I know a lot about her fun and creative side. In fact, she  is larger than life! However, for this interview, I chose to feature her more serious side —how she  operates in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Let’s get to know her better. 

SHEELA: At what age did you start having an interest in business and entrepreneurship?  

RANE ROSE: I think I started late, in my twenties, I would say. I was born and raised in a working class  family; both my parents are in the accounting field and it never really occurred to me to venture outside  of the corporate setting per se’. 

But, I can say that age isn’t what really matters. It’s all about execution, dedication, and experience. It’s  harder to execute and/or build a solid strategy when you have limited experience. Personally, without the  experience servicing top 100 companies, I wouldn’t know how to make tactical decisions because I had  no idea what those decisions even entailed. The only way I gained confidence was through experience– and experience comes with time. This isn’t just an opinion, this is Science. Science proves that your  experience, skills, connections, and age are all on your side (article by The Inc).  

SHEELA: Who were your early influencers in the business world and why? Who are your mentors and  influencers now?  

RANE ROSE: Since television was forbidden growing up, books became my best friend. I’m a fan of  both fiction and non-fiction. My favorite influential books in business are:  

—Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”  

—Build to Last by Jim Collins  

—Blue Ocean Strategy by W.Chan Kim— interesting read  

—Bad Blood: Secret and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup  

—Start with Why, Simon Sinek  

*See more here:  

Also, being in a corporate setting, I take advantage of the specialized training and certification in  coaching, employee management, leadership and project management methodology (e.g: Six Sigma)  that I adapt and apply to my own ventures. To further my education on the subject, early this year I got  accepted to pursue graduate studies in Business & Management at Harvard Division of Continuing  Education.  

SHEELA: Did you coin the word, “mediapreneur”? What does it mean to be a mediapreneur? 


RANE ROSE: I wish, but someone thought of it before I did, haha! 

Mediapreneurs are personal brand experts, internet marketers, authors, online marketers, coaches,  niche-based content creators, affiliate marketers, influencers, etc. They leverage their content via online  media to be a resource to their audience and of course, monetize their efforts.  

We are in the age of digital marketing and it is up to us to adapt and evolve. 

I have attended various programs and masterclass about digital marketing, and strategic business  development, and as a matter of fact, shared some of my research and acquired knowledge through the  books I have written and released this year —The Power of Influence; Managing Yourself and Leading  Others and Developing Rainmakers: A Business Development Guide. Both are available on Kindle/ Amazon and all major publishing platforms. Also at  

SHEELA: Why do you call yourself a “Corporate Slave”? How does one thrive in the Corporate world.  

RANE ROSE: In a literal way….There was a time when I managed a 24/7 industry supporting clients in  different continents. I had over a hundred employees under my belt, working 3 shifts (by choice) and  whenever I arrived home, I remotely monitored the rest that just started their morning on their side of the  world.  

Being a “corporate slave” carries a negative connotation as it means you’re literally enslaved by the  company you work for. To me, this has always been a choice. I see extra work as free training and the  most efficient way for self-growth.  

I’ve chosen the corporate world because it’s challenging, and the best way to leverage my education.  Servicing top 500 companies has its standards; some require a Bachelor’s degree; others, a Masters;  and some, both with a fair amount of experience. To acquire all requires grit, dedication and hard work.  Anyone can claim to be an entrepreneur yet not everyone is qualified to be an executive in the corporate  world, at least in my opinion.  

SHEELA: How does having a creative side (singing, dancing, writing) complement your business  acumen?  

RANE ROSE: I normally separate business from hobbies.  

That “creative side” is just an escape, not a business. I am fortunate enough and grateful to be able to  monetize them passively. More here:  

SHEELA: Define success.  

RANE ROSE: My definition of success changes from then to now. Probably because now, it means  contentment and happiness. And that is what I am after moving forward.  

SHEELA: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?  

RANE ROSE: Aiming for an early retirement. Haha, but still working, 100% remotely by then.  SHEELA: Describe your current (multiple) projects and business ventures.  


RMG since 2012, service-based agency specializing in digital marketing and business process  outsourcing.  

VUTV (Vegas Unlimited TV) started as a television show in 2013 which aired on The CW channel. The  show featured everything about Las Vegas based on four segments: Business & Politics, Fashion &  Lifestyle, Treasures & Adventures, and VUTV Teens. In 2016, VUTV partnered with a local hospitality 


agency and tour operating company and started assisting groups with their incentive travel program,  hotel accommodation, tours, ticket bookings, etc. w  

NYTV was formed in late 2019 and started with content creation. The goal is to replicate VUTV in  New York City.  

Sam & Co is a pet brand. Launched in 2020 offering everything from pet wear, costume, beddings,  toys, essentials, etc for pets and pet lovers.  

Seraphim is launching this Fall, 11.05.2020. It is a fashionable jewelry and accessories brand, adding  a touch of sophistication to your daily wear. 

The inspiration came from the word Seraphim /ˈserəfim/. Seraphim angels, the fiery ones, the highest ranking angels. Each of the seraphim /ˈserəfim/ is described as having six wings: two wings used to  cover their face, two wings used to cover their feet, and the remaining two used to fly, hence our logo.  Our collection showcases stylish classics carefully chosen to exhibit sophistication in simplicity.  

Ms Rane Rose brand for lipstick, activewear, ballet wear, swimwear, etc.  Three brands in the pipeline: tech, home goods and for babies in early 2021  

Partnerships and business development consulting with several tech  

start-up companies  

Recently formed another corp for real estate investing partnerships here in the US  

These pieces of information are also available online at    

SHEELA: What’s your advice for up-and-coming entrepreneurs?  

RANE ROSE: Henry Ford famously said, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.”  Believe in yourself, prepare to give it your all and learn from your mistakes. 

I have failed repeatedly but I would have not known the outcome of my efforts if I didn’t try. And trying is  something I would not regret.  

SHEELA: Give us some tips on how to adequately and efficiently market products and services.  

RANE ROSE: There are so many proven tactics to market a product or a service and these can easily be  researched. Like any other task, it starts with strategic planning, a determined execution followed by the  eagerness to keep going until you get your desired results.  

I don’t think I can share a formula that I personally developed. Everything that I know and have  implemented was from research adapting to the ever-changing and fast-evolving target market. 

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