Philippine Times reveals new logo and brand statement and a new digital platform

After 17 years of publication, Philippine Times goes digital. Under the leadership of publisher Nada Arroyo, the publication can now be viewed digitally at The digital format was developed to respond to the dynamic and changing times of the publications nowadays and to reach out to a younger demographic of Filipinos in Southern Nevada. It also attempts to be visible globally to Filipinos who are interested to know more about what the entertainment capital of the world can offer. Las Vegas is home to an approximate two hundred thousand Filipinos.

The publication will also be releasing a new logo and brand statement which is explained as follows:


The valley specifies the location of Las Vegas .Geographically Las Vegas is a valley, a basin amidst mountain ranges . It lies in a high altitude area of the Mojave Desert. Locals and media people call this location as The Valley.

This specifies a city that is different from any other city in the US .It’s not San Francisco, it’s not Los Angeles, it’s not New York City. It’s Las Vegas, in which the locals are familiar with it being called the Valley.

It’s a guidepost , meaning it’s the warm light, the beacon , the luminary post for all kinds of information you need about Vegas. This is intrinsic in the warm rays of light presented in the logo.You can refer to Philippine Times for local news, international news, casino highlights both from the Strip or local casinos, shopping retail destinations, tourist attractions, events , fashion shows and restaurants. It’s a one stop reading portal for all you need to know about this entertainment capital of the world.

The human profile in the logo presents the outstretched hands of the Locals and the Peoples of Las Vegas and their hospitality . We in Las Vegas of Southern Nevada embrace all our Filipino visitors to come and enjoy the wide spectrum of entertainment this city of wonders can offer. All Filipinos, meaning Filipinos all over the US and Filipinos all over the globe.
Las Vegas, as the biggest tourist destination of the world, has much to offer and Philippine Times can be your warm tourist guide for this amazing destination.
For the Filipinos also speak to all other cultures and businesses in the world who want to speak to this lucrative and warm market.
Philippine Times being widely circulated in Southern Nevada (over 100 stores and establishments) is the best periodical/magazine to advertise and woo over 200,000 Filipinos in the Valley.

The outstretched hands also are shaped like an open book. It does presents a very symbolic picture of the Book of Blessings.

Filipinos being religious and spiritual are always guided by the Book of Blessings. This is also the spirit that encompasses the values of Philippine Times. Being the guidepost of the Valley, Philippine Times has the big responsibility of promoting and educating Christian values while maintaining love for Philippine Culture.

Nadia Arroyo remains its steadfast and indefatigable publisher. Marylaine Louise Viernes writes about her journey as a media maven. Here are excerpts of her interview for an upcoming biography of Nada Arroyo.

Nadia lovingly recalls how her parents have contributed to the strong foundation upon which The Nadia Arroyo of today is built. “I was born and raised in the Philippines, and early on had been exposed to the advertising industry because this was the business of my father.” Nadia, who graduated with flying colors in Saint Paul’s College in Quezon City, Philippines with a degree in Banking and Finance was unable to pursue this path because advertising had been her birthright, so it was natural for her to learn the ropes straight from her father. “Even before graduating college, I had already been exposed in marketing where I did everything from meeting clients, going through the demands of advertising and billboard productions, which enabled me to gain priceless insight when it came to this kind of business.”

Shortly after, Nadia got married and as her own family grew, their family business grew with it. “We then established an offset printing business and I still did the marketing and helped gain several big accounts such as Del Monte Philippines, PIMECO and Jag

Hager Corporation Philippines, just to name a few.” The opportunity for below-the-line marketing just kept growing and soon, Nadia found herself dabbling into event-planning for big companies, being a supplier for conventions and trade shows. “We would put up booths, plan and hold various exhibits and even live productions for many different companies; it was very stressful and chaotic but also very rewarding in many ways, especially financially.”

And as someone born with a silver spoon in the mouth but who remained humble, honest and God-fearing, Nadia soon found herself in the United States of America, leaving behind an already successful and comfortable life, answering the call to venture away from her comfort zone and outdo herself, and she did.

“In 1983, I came in Los Angeles, California only as a tourist back then, and I was mesmerized! I was blessed to obtain an opportunity to work and easily transition to this new country, and so I then decided to remain in the USA for good. Even as migrating would often be a challenge for many, mine had been smooth-sailing and even had petitioned my five children to be with me here in the United States shortly after I remained here.”

Her very first employment was with the California Examiner, not surprisingly, for this trade was second nature to Nadia. “I got the job because of my extensive experience and I remained with them for several years until they had assigned me to establish an extension of California Examiner but this time, in Nevada. I saw this as a great opportunity and welcomed the move, so this was how I found myself in Las Vegas, Nevada.”

This move was back in 1999 where Nadia became the pioneer partner for the Nevada Examiner which she joyfully and expertly managed from 1999-2003, all by herself. Eventually, the chance to have her own publication arose, and that was when The Philippine Times of Southern Nevada was born. “During the very start it was such a huge challenge because it mostly me, just doing it all on my own, from conceptualization, content, design, printing, finance and marketing – name it, I did all of it!”

But what Nadia had meant by “doing it all on her own,” was that the two pillars who had helped her establish her business allowed her to be on the spotlight, while they offered her utmost support and strength in the background.

“God enabled me to establish the Philippine Times of Southern Nevada thanks to these two, who had been the wind beneath my wings. First would be my brother, Felix “Dodi” Sales” who even relocated to Las Vegas with his entire family just to support me.” Dodi is the eldest in their family and he would always watch out for Nadia who was the youngest and the only girl. “Even when we were younger, he always protected and backed me up; I will always be grateful for him for doing the same even in my adult years, when I became founder of my then fledgling print media company.” Dodi became the circulation manager and worked in tandem with another pillar of The Philippine Times of Southern Nevada in its inception, and she is no less than Ms. Leonie Frisbee, her very first sales manager, known to most as simply “Tita Leonie.” While she is retired already, she continues to provide guidance to the newspaper’s present marketing and sales team.

Through the first years of the newspaper’s operation, many lasting relationships were forged. Many of those who had supported The Philippine Times of Southern Nevada during its early days remain as its stalwart partner-advertisers to this day. “Many of the people I approached for advertising needs have now become my very good friends. Sometimes, these entrepreneurs do not even need to advertise anymore as their names have already been well-established, but because of our friendship and of course, my same if not improved customer services, then continue to support my endeavor and see its value to the Asian-American community, especially to the ever- growing Filipino population. “In fact, many people touted my newspaper as a directory because of the number of advertisers. Today, I am blessed that I do not need to market as much, people just call me directly for all their marketing and advertising needs.”

The Filipinos now comprise the largest Asian community in Nevada. In fact, Nevada is Home to the fourth largest Filipino American population, tailing the States of California, Texas and Hawaii by a mere fraction. This is one of the reasons why Nadia Arroyo’s well-established broadsheet, and now multimedia company will continue to blaze the trail that it has paved out. In fact, even with challenges such as the worldwide pandemic brought about by the Covid-19 virus, many advertisers, still remain with Nadia, especially those who needed to reacquaint with the market after the imposition of a nationwide lockdown in the United States.

“Two things have changed beautifully for me in 2020 in spite of it being such a challenging year. The first one being that I finally launched the online version of the newspaper, something that my longtime partner-advertisers and of course, readers, have been clamoring for. They’d always ask me for the digital link of stories and articles. The second one of course, would be the people contributing to the wonderful content of the newspaper today; I have welcomed several individuals who have really done leaps and bounds for me, especially with the content. I’d like to mention my contributing writers, Sister Olive Manalo Karagdag, Dr. Cesar Candari and Bro. Rex Abrera and contributing photographer, Victoria Tambunting. There’s also our talented columnists, Salve Vargas-Edelman, Julie Ann Torremoro, Sheela Kunishige and of course, Marylaine Viernes who also serves as my chief online content curator and community news editor, along with being my biographer now.”

Nadia also values the contributions of Jay-R Monton Tolentino and Vic Perez who initiated the idea of making the broadsheet in digital form and contribute in marketing and business development along with the circulation-managers-slash-prayer-warriors, husband and wife tandem, Pastor Levi and Pastora Rowena Baniaga, to round up the present team who had joined only in the past few years and who has since contribute greatly to PTSN’s present achievements.

“Let us not forget Narz Dela Rosa, my graphic designer, Norm Clark, overall layout manager, and of course my husband, Damian who serves as Administrator and my daughter, Leizel Trinidad Jacobsen, who has been my dutiful editor-in-chief.” Nadia wholly attributes the success of her business with it being a way to glorify God. “Since I started my newspaper, it did not only serve the Filipino community, but it also helped all religious organizations. I know it is not mine, I am merely God’s worker.” It is with this belief that Nadia allowed various religious groups in need of exposure of their effort in spreading God’s Word and saving souls to avail of spaces that can help them in their respective goals. From being founded last May 16, 2003, the Philippine Times of Southern Nevada had recently celebrated its milestone in 2020: its 17th anniversary!

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